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How to Deal with an Overwhelming To-Do List and Overcome Procrastination

I have an LLC, which adds a bunch of administrative tasks on top of my already busy schedule at the start of each quarter. Sometimes, the workload in this period is overwhelming and I am tempted to procrastinate. Today, I want to share how I deal with those feelings of overwhelm and temptations to procrastinate. […]

Lessons in Leadership from Medium

Medium knows how to motivate people. They let you know when people clap for and highlight your posts, when they follow you, and when your posts hit some milestones such as 10, 50, and 100 fans. Once a week, you receive a summary of statistics of your posts and a list of most influential people […]

A Buddhist Monk’s Take on Business

Today’s post will be about a different approach to business and life. It will be about the work of a Buddhist monk / businessman, Geshe Michael Roach. Geshe is an academic degree, like PhD, in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In some cases, the business lessons of Michael Roach seems to differ from what we learn from […]

Supervisors, in Service of Their Subordinates or the Other Way Around?

There are two approaches when it comes to the working relationship between a supervisor and their subordinates. The First Approach According to the first approach, supervisors are there to facilitate the best performance of their subordinates. The supervisors aren’t expected to do the job, but they are expected to guide, lead, and evaluate the work […]

This is How You Miss Your Biggest Opportunity for Success

Everything is feedback. Your complete life is feedback. Your bank account is feedback. Your relationship is feedback. Your career is feedback. All the results you get in your life is feedback. All of that is telling you something. You have to open your eyes, get the message. Let it sink in. I have the feeling […]

How to Develop Superpowers in Business and Relationships

It all comes down to one simple principle. The pain and pleasure principle can be used to understand all human behavior and to modify our behavior. This is a superpower in itself. Today, we are going to go one step further and discuss how we can use this principle to modify the behavior of others, […]

One Practice Startup Founders Hate

This practice can make the difference between success and failure in your startup and in your life. Masterminding is forming a group of people to work together towards the same goal. Think about a board of directors. I know masterminding sounds harder than working by yourself to the introverted computer geek who thinks of starting […]

Taking Debt and Overspending Is Good

If you know what you’re doing. I heard Dan Peña explaining a business practice that he followed back in the day. Mr. Peña was spending 125% of his revenue every year, which astonished me. I have written about entrepreneur mindset before and I have mentioned the lack of risk aversion as a part of it. […]

Doing Nothing is Not Wasting Time

There is an obsession to take action in the modern western society. This obsession has its upside as well as its downside. Taking action is great, if the action you take is a significant step towards your most important goals. Let’s be honest. Most of the time, it’s not. Most of the time, our motivation […]

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