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Your Perception of Reality Is Skewed

Here’s How to Fix It. Back in the day, when our ancestors had to survive in the wilderness, they had to take every threat seriously. In those days, the humans who expected the worst and prepared for it survived and passed their genes to the next generation. As a result, we inherited the negativity bias […]

How to Motivate Yourself to the Level of Obsession

No, this isn’t another “find your why” post. Simon Sinek made the question “why?” popular like it was never before. People working as employees in corporations needed that type of question to get motivated. Employees were only provided with “how.” Their managers figured out the process for them and all they had to do was […]

This Simple Practice Will Multiply Your Knowledge and Creative Ideas

When I first read the personal development classic Think and Grow Rich more than a decade ago, I was impressed by most of the ideas in the book except two. With my hardcore, scientific education background, no one could convince me of the metaphysical concepts explained in Think and Grow Rich. The second idea I […]

Predictably Irrational

We humans are irrational, that includes me and you. If we want to succeed in life and business, our irrationality is a topic we need to study meticulously. This coin has two sides. The first side is the irrationality of ourselves. The second side is the irrationality of others. Study Your Own Irrationality We need […]

Optimal Emotional State for Maximum Performance

When you read or listen to personal development experts, you might get confused about the optimal emotional state for maximum performance. The Law of Attraction experts teach us to feel good in order to attract what we want. They recommend us feeling as if the wish is already fulfilled. They suggest we find the positive […]

Four Secrets of Leadership

What comes up into your mind when you hear the word leadership? Do you think about a politician giving a speech to a group of people? Do you think about a sergeant shouting at their soldiers to motivate them? Do you think about a businessperson explaining their strategy to their managers in a serious tone? […]

One Practice Startup Founders Hate

This practice can make the difference between success and failure in your startup and in your life. Masterminding is forming a group of people to work together towards the same goal. Think about a board of directors. I know masterminding sounds harder than working by yourself to the introverted computer geek who thinks of starting […]

This Is How You Annoy People without Even Realizing It

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw I remember my first job more than a decade ago. We were a bunch of tech enthusiasts researching algorithms. Those were the days when […]

How to Deal with an Employee with a Tech Abuse Problem

In a previous post, I have discussed the effects of the fight or flight response and instant rewards that our gadgets trigger in us. The results are shortening of our attention spans, reduced concentration, and with that, reduction of our cognitive capabilities. In another post, I have introduced a Pomodoro technique variant that would make […]

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