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The Optimal Emotional State for Long-Term Audacious Goals

Regulating our emotions to overcome our dysfunctional patterns and to maximize our performance is a topic that fascinates me. Getting into a specific emotional state works much better than just “thinking” about giving up a bad habit or performing well. Emotions have greater power than thoughts. There are three steps to use your emotions to […]

Setting Goals for a Stress-Free, Fulfilling Life

Yesterday, I watched an interview with Vishen Lakhiani on Impact Theory. The ideas shared in the video are in line with my post called Are Your Goals Your Drug of Choice. In that post, I shared an exercise to find out the unmet needs behind the goals you set. It’s a simple exercise where you […]

Are Your Goals Your Drug of Choice?

No life is perfect, and facing that reality causes pain. It’s our natural tendency to run away from pain. We all have our drugs of choice to avoid pain. Some of us use recreational drugs. Others use alcohol, cigarettes, or caffeine. The new generation prefer their gadgets. A Socially Endorsed Drug There is another drug […]

Four Exercises to Internalize New Beliefs that Serve Your Goals

Yesterday’s post was about evaluating whether our beliefs were aligned with our goals. This evaluation consists of five steps. Find the beliefs that contradict your goals. Question the beliefs that contradict your goals. Make a list of alternative beliefs that serve your goals. Handle your objections against the new beliefs. Add your existing beliefs that […]

Do This Exercise before Setting a Goal

When you set a goal, ask yourself whether it contradicts with one of your beliefs. Reflect on that question and write down everything that comes up. Example: Beliefs against Setting Up a Business Suppose that you plan to set up a business. Which one of your beliefs contradict that goal? Setting up a business requires […]

How to Eliminate the Stress While Working Towards Your Goals

There’s no failure in a scientific experiment. You either achieve your goals or you find out what doesn’t work and gain experience. Lately, “intelligent people feeling miserable” became a popular blog topic. It’s a bait topic to make miserable people feel better about themselves. “I feel miserable, so I must be intelligent.” And let’s face […]

Optimize Each Area of Your Life with Multi-Objective Optimization

In the last two posts, I have discussed how we can apply the concept of algorithms and the divide and conquer method in our lives. Both concepts help us maximizing our effectiveness, by focusing on a single problem and action step at a time. This increases clarity and decreases error-proneness and waste of time. What […]

How to Tackle Overwhelming Challenges Effectively

This principle is so simple that it sounds obvious. However, most of us overlook it in practice and become overwhelmed in the face of challenges. The algorithm concept from computer science involves breaking down large tasks into action steps. Using algorithms improves your effectiveness by increasing clarity and decreasing error-proneness and waste of time. The […]

How to Maximize Your Effectiveness

Using some simple computer science concepts can boost your effectiveness in life. They are very simple to use. You can use them with a pen and paper if you want to. The notion of algorithm is a fundamental concept of computer science. Algorithms are also extremely useful in our daily lives, private as well as […]

How to Build World Class Self-Discipline in a Single Year

Don’t start the New Year without reading this post. Create a simple self-discipline improvement plan now. It’s not as hard as you may think. Self-discipline is the most critical quality to achieve success. For most of us, it’s not a question whether we can or we can’t achieve something. It’s a question of whether we […]