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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem and Guilt When Working toward Your Goals

Today, I’ll discuss two possible obstacles that keep you from realizing your goals and how to overcome them. If you make your goals all about yourself, you might not have the motivation to achieve them. This happens especially if you have low self-esteem. The results you get in your life reflect your self-esteem. There’s nothing […]

Drafting a Life Plan for Success and Satisfaction on Multiple Levels

David Allen defines a six-level model for work in his book Getting Things Done. 50K+ feet: Life 40K feet: Three- to five-year vision 30K feet: One- to two-year goals 10K feet: Current projects Runway: Current actions This model is not only useful for categorizing our work but for all kinds of resource allocation. We can […]

When It Comes to Setting Goals, Put Things into Perspective

A few days ago, I published a post called Setting Realistic Goals Leads to Success. In summary, we tend to set big hairy audacious goals. When we first set those goals, we get excited and inspired. After a while, that initial enthusiasm fades out. We realize that we haven’t made much progress toward our ambitious […]

Make the Achievement of Your Goals Inevitable

Before we start today’s post, take a moment to answer the following questions. Do you have any goals? Are they specific and measurable? Do they have any deadlines? Are they written down? What are the actions that you took in the last 24 hours and in the previous week toward your goal? Those questions reveal […]

Determine and Cultivate the Personality Traits that Serve Your Goals

When we first start setting goals, we set “having” goals. I want to have a million dollars in the bank. I want to have a Ferrari. I want to have a five bedroom home. There’s nothing wrong with “having” goals, but after a while, we quickly realize that we need “doing” goals to achieve our […]

A Four-Step Exercise to Come Up with a Congruent, Viable, Compelling Vision

Yesterday, I shared 12 personal development books to read over the next 12 months. The goal is to read one book per month and apply the ideas in your life for the entire month. One of those books is the classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. The second habit […]

The Optimal Emotional State for Long-Term Audacious Goals

Regulating our emotions to overcome our dysfunctional patterns and to maximize our performance is a topic that fascinates me. Getting into a specific emotional state works much better than just “thinking” about giving up a bad habit or performing well. Emotions have greater power than thoughts. There are three steps to use your emotions to […]

Setting Goals for a Stress-Free, Fulfilling Life

Yesterday, I watched an interview with Vishen Lakhiani on Impact Theory. The ideas shared in the video are in line with my post called Are Your Goals Your Drug of Choice. In that post, I shared an exercise to find out the unmet needs behind the goals you set. It’s a simple exercise where you […]

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