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The Blog Post That the Self-Help Industry Doesn’t Want You to Read

I just read a blog post by Aytekin Tank about why self-help doesn’t work. There are some truths in that post. Yet, I wanted to publish a response to express my objections. Let’s discuss some of his arguments. What works for everyone is different. Therefore, self-help content won’t work for you. I partially agree with […]

Your Mind’s User Manual

Let’s start with a computer analogy to understand your mind. Suppose that you’re running a Windows machine with a lot of bloatware running in the background. You haven’t installed that bloatware, but your computer came with them. That bloatware slows down your computer at best, but distracts and annoys you with unasked for notifications at […]

Honor Your Past for a Healthy Self-Esteem

Take a moment and think about your childhood for a moment. Go back as far as you can remember. If you have pictures from your childhood, go over them. How do you feel about your childhood? Were you taken good care of by your parents or caretakers? Were you treated well by your family and […]

The Economics of Personal Development

Yesterday, I argued that premium-priced information marketing products didn’t provide any value over what’s freely available or what’s available for the price of a standard book or audiobook. The only reasons to pay a premium price are to give back to the producer if they already provided an immense amount of value for free or […]

When It Comes to Personal Development, There’s No Magic Pill

Let’s face it, personal development is a niche in the lucrative information marketing sector. There’s great value in this niche, but there are also a lot of unjustified prices charged with false claims. Let’s break down the products in this niche and analyze them from the customer’s perspective. You’ll find a lot of value for […]

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem and Guilt When Working toward Your Goals

Today, I’ll discuss two possible obstacles that keep you from realizing your goals and how to overcome them. If you make your goals all about yourself, you might not have the motivation to achieve them. This happens especially if you have low self-esteem. The results you get in your life reflect your self-esteem. There’s nothing […]

A Simple, Easy, Powerful Way to Release Your Unpleasant Emotions

Yesterday, I shared a powerful yet simple method to let go of your unpleasant feelings. This method is based on focusing your attention on the physical sensations that feeling creates in your body. You don’t pay attention to the thoughts that are triggered by that feeling. You don’t label the feeling. You focus on the […]

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