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Here’s Why Your Online Marketing Doesn’t Work

And what to do about it. When we are producing and marketing, we tend to look at our craft from our own perspective. Unless you build something for yourself and market it to yourself, that’s a mistake. That’s a typical mistake that software engineers do. As a result, they end up with overcomplicated software that […]

Distinguishing an Opportunity from a Distraction in Disguise

Yesterday, I received an excellent comment to one of my posts. The question is relevant to all of us but mostly to the first time entrepreneurs. “Could you elaborate more on how following the opportunities that appear and following each of them is in line with not getting distracted?” “As an example in the last […]

The Zen of Entrepreneurship

David Hawkins, the author of Power vs. Force, mentions 17 levels in his map of consciousness. Enlightenment Peace Joy Love Reason Acceptance Willingness Neutrality Courage Pride Anger Desire Fear Grief (Sadness) Apathy Guilt Shame Map of Consciousness, a Useful Tool for High Performance I find this map useful to regulate my emotional state for high […]

Don’t Sacrifice What Can’t Be Measured

Six weeks ago, I published a post about measuring the success of my blog and email newsletter with growth metrics. Since then, I’m obsessed with numbers and dived deep into my stats. I published several posts about the lessons I learned from my stats. Here are some highlights. My posts that are published in the […]

Will the Startup Bubble Burst?

When someone talks negatively about an innovative idea like startups or cryptocurrencies, I get triggered. I know I have to be rational and let those intense emotions go, but sometimes, it’s difficult. In such cases, I use those emotions as fuel for creativity and write a blog post about them. Who Are the Critics of […]

How to Deal with the Challenge of Infinite Possibilities when Starting a Business

When you first start a business, there are countless products you can develop. There are countless services you can provide. You can come up with countless product-service combinations. When you decide on a product, service, or product-service combination, there are countless ways of implementing it. There are numerous platforms, tools, and channels you can use […]

How to Use Reverse Engineering and the Scientific Method to Realize’s Business Goals

Reverse engineering and the scientific method are two useful methods to achieve private and professional goals, especially when used in combination with each other. In this post, I’m going to apply this idea to the business goal of The first step is to define the objective. I’m going to define the objective of […]

How to Build a Business Empire by Connecting the Dots

There’s a common belief that you have to come up with an original idea or invent something new to start a business. Most of us also believe that creativity is creating something out of nothing. Both beliefs are inaccurate and they are keeping us from being creative and starting a business. As I have explained […]

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