5 Secrets of Worry-Free Productivity

Do you want a successful life? Or do you want a peaceful life? What if you can have both? How? Today, I’ll share five ideas about worry-free productivity from a variety of sources. These ideas are effective enough by themselves. But in combination, they become powerful. Let’s go over each of them. The Ivy Lee […]

The Optimal Emotional State for Long-Term Audacious Goals

Regulating our emotions to overcome our dysfunctional patterns and to maximize our performance is a topic that fascinates me. Getting into a specific emotional state works much better than just “thinking” about giving up a bad habit or performing well. Emotions have greater power than thoughts. There are three steps to use your emotions to […]

Setting Goals for a Stress-Free, Fulfilling Life

Yesterday, I watched an interview with Vishen Lakhiani on Impact Theory. The ideas shared in the video are in line with my post called Are Your Goals Your Drug of Choice. In that post, I shared an exercise to find out the unmet needs behind the goals you set. It’s a simple exercise where you […]

The Most Valuable Pursuit in the 21st Century

I was going through my Evernote this morning. I went through my old notes and realized how much I learned about blogging in the last few months. When I looked at those notes, I realized how little I knew about blogging. I had no idea how to come up with compelling titles, how to format […]

Are Your Goals Your Drug of Choice?

No life is perfect, and facing that reality causes pain. It’s our natural tendency to run away from pain. We all have our drugs of choice to avoid pain. Some of us use recreational drugs. Others use alcohol, cigarettes, or caffeine. The new generation prefer their gadgets. A Socially Endorsed Drug There is another drug […]

A Self-Coaching Template to Work on Your Challenges

We all have challenges in our lives. Some of our problems are small. Some of them are big. In either case, there are some actions that we can take to tackle them. Today, I’m going to share a self-coaching template that you can use to find solutions to your challenges. Completing this template should take […]

The Zen of Entrepreneurship

David Hawkins, the author of Power vs. Force, mentions 17 levels in his map of consciousness. Enlightenment Peace Joy Love Reason Acceptance Willingness Neutrality Courage Pride Anger Desire Fear Grief (Sadness) Apathy Guilt Shame Map of Consciousness, a Useful Tool for High Performance I find this map useful to regulate my emotional state for high […]

Emotional Intelligence for High Performance

Yesterday’s post was about using emotional intelligence (EQ) to overcome dysfunctional patterns. Today, we’ll learn how to use EQ to maximize our performance. In yesterday’s post, I introduced the 2×2 model of EQ. That model involves the awareness and regulation of emotions of yourself and others. We’re interested in becoming aware and regulating our own […]

Using Emotional Intelligence to Overcome Your Dysfunctional Patterns

Prof. Jason M. Satterfield discusses many models of emotional intelligence in his course Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence. One of those models stood out for me, because of its simplicity. In this model, there are two essential skills. Being aware of emotions Regulating emotions These skills are applied to two subjects. Yourself Others We first become […]

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