This Is Why You’re a Failure

Make an honest assessment of your life. Do you consider yourself a success or a failure? If you consider yourself a success, great. If you consider yourself a failure, keep on reading. You’ll find out why you’re a failure and how to eliminate those reasons from your life. Before we continue, take a moment to […]

High Performance Isn’t What You Think It Is

One of the most misunderstood concepts in personal development is high performance. What does high performance mean to you? Take a moment to answer that question. To me, high performance means producing great results. To produce great results, I need to be productive. What does productivity mean to you? Again, take a moment to answer […]

An Analytical Way to Making Decisions and Solving Problems

“We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” That’s a quote attributed to Einstein and the idea behind today’s post. Today, I’ll discuss how to get to the higher level of thinking with which we can solve our problems. Let me explain the low-level and high-level […]

What Keeps You from Realizing Your Potential?

Take a moment and reflect on the following question. Did you accomplish everything that you could have accomplished so far? Stop reading, think about that question, and answer it honestly. If you need help, here is a follow-up question. What could you have accomplished so far in your life? If you can’t answer that question, […]

The Simple Formula of Progress

Today’s wisdom comes from two people from different walks of life. One is an American billionaire investor, and the other one is a Buddhist nun. We all experience psychological pain from time to time. I’m not talking about mental disorders like a major depression but the discomfort that happens as a result of unmet desires, […]

What I Learned from an Airplane Flight That Took Six Hours Longer Than Planned

Last Saturday, I returned back from vacation. What started with a 40-minute delay ended up in a perfect storm, literally. My three-hour flight ended up as a nine-hour journey between three airports, which was a great lesson to practice what I preach in my blog posts. Lately, I’m writing more and more about personality traits. […]

Thought Experiments to Create a Life Worth Living

Thought experiments have been useful tools for scientists to understand and explain hypotheses, theories, and principles. Einstein’s thought experiments were an essential part of his success. Schrödinger’s cat is a famous thought experiment, which explains quantum mechanics with everyday objects. Thought experiments free us from the limitations of everyday life. They help us experiment without […]

An Unexpected Shortcut to Mental Toughness

What would satisfy you the most? Buy the luxury sports car that you want? Move to the five-bedroom home of your dreams? Start a relationship with the partner that you yearn for? Maybe, your desires are subtler. Being respected by others. Being admired by them. Being approved. Turning heads around when you’re in public. Or […]

Go Toward the Eye of the Storm

Most of our thoughts, actions, behaviors, and habits are motivated by running away from our perceptions of danger and discomfort. We have our desires on one side and fears on the other side. We run away from pain and run toward pleasure. We avoid punishment and seek rewards. Running away from perceived danger and discomfort […]

Resource Allocation Is a Critical Skill for Your Personal Success

Economics is about allocation of scarce resources. But what does that have to do with personal development? Why do I write about it in a personal development blog? Isn’t economics about the finances of countries, big banks, and corporations? If you read the economy sections of newspapers, you might think so. But economics, or allocation […]

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