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5 Secrets of Worry-Free Productivity

Do you want a successful life? Or do you want a peaceful life? What if you can have both? How? Today, I’ll share five ideas about worry-free productivity from a variety of sources. These ideas are effective enough by themselves. But in combination, they become powerful. Let’s go over each of them. The Ivy Lee […]

Emotional Intelligence for High Performance

Yesterday’s post was about using emotional intelligence (EQ) to overcome dysfunctional patterns. Today, we’ll learn how to use EQ to maximize our performance. In yesterday’s post, I introduced the 2×2 model of EQ. That model involves the awareness and regulation of emotions of yourself and others. We’re interested in becoming aware and regulating our own […]

Using Emotional Intelligence to Overcome Your Dysfunctional Patterns

Prof. Jason M. Satterfield discusses many models of emotional intelligence in his course Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence. One of those models stood out for me, because of its simplicity. In this model, there are two essential skills. Being aware of emotions Regulating emotions These skills are applied to two subjects. Yourself Others We first become […]

What We Can Learn from a Program that Reprograms Itself

Imagine a self-sufficient robot. This robot is initially constructed and programmed by its producer. Every morning, it goes out, works in a job, and makes money. Every evening it comes to its storage unit and plugs itself to the charging station. The hardware of this robot is fairly sturdy. Once in a while, it goes […]

How Would You Live Your Life, If You Had Multiple Lives?

It’s human nature to have multiple, contradicting desires. Desires are one of the many habitual thoughts that cloud our minds. They rise up. They keep our minds busy. We spend our time and attention on them. Then we let them go, because we think they are unrealistic, at least for now. Reflecting on our desires […]

Is Complete Peace of Mind Possible?

Quick Answer: I don’t think it is possible, but it’s a worthy goal to strive for. What gives us peace of mind? Knowing that we have done our best. I don’t think we can achieve peace of mind just by relaxing the whole day, meditating, and thinking about nothing. Life throws challenges our way. It’s […]

Letting Go of Habitual Thoughts for More Mental Clarity

In my mental clarity experiment, my goal was to reduce my mental and physical habits to increase my mental clarity. By mental habits, I mean reducing my Internet usage. Letting go of habits such as checking Facebook, Instagram, news, and my MailChimp stats, listening to pop music and podcasts, and participating on Steemit. Reducing the […]

The Self-Perpetuating Cycle of Letting Go and Mental Clarity

Three days ago, I started a 30 day mental clarity experiment. This might as well be the most effective personal development exercise I have every done. This experiment isn’t about adding anything extra to my already cluttered daily routine. On the contrary it is about letting go. My previous 30 day experiment was reduced Internet […]

What Are the Benefits of Mental Clarity?

Two days ago, I started a 30 day mental clarity experiment. Before the mental clarity experiment, my strategy for high performance was to drink coffee and cultivate intense emotions such as anger. Such a strategy leads to stress, exhaustion, and eventually reduced performance. The alternative to that is mental clarity. What Is Mental Clarity? I […]

Mental Clarity Experiment

After a nonstop working streak of a few weeks fueled by caffeine and intense emotions, I decided to give a break yesterday. My working streak not only included my day job, blog, and Steemit account, but also a cardio or weight training six days a week. Yesterday, all I had to do was not to […]