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Here’s Why Your Online Marketing Doesn’t Work

And what to do about it. When we are producing and marketing, we tend to look at our craft from our own perspective. Unless you build something for yourself and market it to yourself, that’s a mistake. That’s a typical mistake that software engineers do. As a result, they end up with overcomplicated software that […]

Reframe Your Challenges as Opportunities

One of my key takeaways from the audiobook The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide by Rick Jarow is reframing your problems as advantages. Similarly, you can also reframe your challenges as opportunities. What’s the advantage of having a particular problem? Which opportunity is hidden in a specific challenge? Which benefits does your issue have? Let me give […]

1000 True Fans Is Enough to Make a Living as a Creative

What Does It Take to Create 1000 True Fans? When I reported the analysis of my Medium stats, some of my readers suggested to analyze the number of claps as well. I didn’t follow that advice back then. Unlike views, reads, and fans, claps cannot be downloaded. I received a comment a few days ago, that […]

Medium Is Great for Bloggers, Readers, and Humanity, but There Is Some Room for Improvement

Medium is great for humanity, because it acts like a Trojan horse in our smartphones. Smartphones are destroying our attention span. Short clips, streams of blurbs and pictures are replacing books. In this environment, Medium is providing an alternative to all of that digital candy. Medium posts aren’t a replacement for a book. Most of […]

Improving the Design of My Blog to Increase Email Newsletter Subscriptions

The email newsletter subscriptions in my blog don’t meet my goals consistently. So far, I focused on improving my writing to optimize these results. The next step will be to improve the design of my blog. How I Measure the Performance of My Blog I’m tracking two stats to measure the performance of my blog. […]

Measuring the Contribution of My Medium Posts to My Content Marketing Goals

What are my content marketing goals? How do Medium stats serve my content marketing goals? What would be the ideal Medium stats? How can I track extra Medium stats? How could I use the extra Medium stats to optimize my content marketing goals? Medium Stats vs Overall Content Marketing Goals In the last two weeks, […]

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