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1000 True Fans Is Enough to Make a Living as a Creative

What Does It Take to Create 1000 True Fans? When I reported the analysis of my Medium stats, some of my readers suggested to analyze the number of claps as well. I didn’t follow that advice back then. Unlike views, reads, and fans, claps cannot be downloaded. I received a comment a few days ago, that […]

How Accurate is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer?

CoSchedule’s headline analyzer is a popular tool among bloggers. I tested it with 82 blog posts of mine that were published in the Startup Publication. The scores of the headlines don’t correspond to the number of views of my post. Still, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the tool. The Three Most […]

I Analyzed Seven Factors that Affect My Medium Stats. This Is What I Found.

Medium provides us with three stats, number of views, reads, and fans for each post. The read ratio doesn’t seem to provide any extra information on top of these. You can do a lot with these three stats. You can learn a lot of lessons from them. I’ve spent analyzing these stats for the last […]

I Multiplied My Blog Post Views by 10 with this Method

I restarted blogging in November 2017. I’ve published one post per day since then. This time, I imported every post to Medium. Medium has a great community of readers, writers, and publications. They also provide their writers with some stats. If you have enough posts in your Medium account, you see certain trends emerging in […]

This Is What I Learned from My Most Hated Blog Posts

First, let me explain what I mean with my “most hated blog posts.” My most hated blog posts are the ones that have the lowest fans to views ratio on Medium.com. Medium.com provides their writers with three basic stats: views, reads, and fans. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any option to download these stats as an […]

The Fundamental Requirement Your Blog Posts Have to Satisfy

When you write an article in a scientific journal, your article is expected to satisfy a number of criteria. Does your article mention all the significant studies published on your topic? Do you add any significant results on top of the existing knowledge on your topic? Do you back up your conclusions with sufficient proof, […]

A Creativity Exercise to Come Up with Counterintuitive Blog Post Titles that Get Clicked

In yesterday’s post, I shared a winning formula for blog post titles that get clicked. However, you don’t need to rely on the same formula over and over, day after day. First, you might run out of ideas that fulfill that formula. Second, you don’t want to use the same template every day and drive […]

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