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How to Build a Business Empire by Connecting the Dots

There’s a common belief that you have to come up with an original idea or invent something new to start a business. Most of us also believe that creativity is creating something out of nothing. Both beliefs are inaccurate and they are keeping us from being creative and starting a business. As I have explained […]

What We Can Learn from a Program that Reprograms Itself

Imagine a self-sufficient robot. This robot is initially constructed and programmed by its producer. Every morning, it goes out, works in a job, and makes money. Every evening it comes to its storage unit and plugs itself to the charging station. The hardware of this robot is fairly sturdy. Once in a while, it goes […]

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs around Creativity

Take a moment and answer the following question before reading the rest of the post: What is creativity? The intuitive answer to that question is the following: creativity is the ability to create something out of nothing. That’s so obvious we don’t even question it. But is that so? What if that definition wasn’t accurate? […]

How Would You Live Your Life, If You Had Multiple Lives?

It’s human nature to have multiple, contradicting desires. Desires are one of the many habitual thoughts that cloud our minds. They rise up. They keep our minds busy. We spend our time and attention on them. Then we let them go, because we think they are unrealistic, at least for now. Reflecting on our desires […]

8 Blogging Lessons I Learned from My Medium Stats

Medium is a great website for aspiring writers. It’s a great way to practice your craft, reach out to people, and build your audience. You receive a lot of feedback, in the form of comments and stats, which you can use to improve your writing. I have my own WordPress blog hosted at ideavisionaction.com, but […]

Four Steps to Becoming a Published Author

Yesterday, I received the title Top Writer in Writing on Medium. As always, I’m grateful for this title. I thank all of my readers who read, clap for, and respond to my posts. I’m also grateful to the Startup publication for featuring my posts on a daily basis. As I have done with the Top […]

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