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Medium Is Great for Bloggers, Readers, and Humanity, but There Is Some Room for Improvement

Medium is great for humanity, because it acts like a Trojan horse in our smartphones. Smartphones are destroying our attention span. Short clips, streams of blurbs and pictures are replacing books. In this environment, Medium is providing an alternative to all of that digital candy. Medium posts aren’t a replacement for a book. Most of […]

Improving the Design of My Blog to Increase Email Newsletter Subscriptions

The email newsletter subscriptions in my blog don’t meet my goals consistently. So far, I focused on improving my writing to optimize these results. The next step will be to improve the design of my blog. How I Measure the Performance of My Blog I’m tracking two stats to measure the performance of my blog. […]

Why I Focus on a Single Source of Traffic for My Blog

In the last three weeks, my focus was on analyzing my Medium stats data. That taught me a lot of lessons on blogging. There is still a lot to be studied and learned from my Medium stats. Medium is a critical part of my content marketing model. Excluding my blog and email newsletter, 90+% of […]

How Accurate is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer?

CoSchedule’s headline analyzer is a popular tool among bloggers. I tested it with 82 blog posts of mine that were published in the Startup Publication. The scores of the headlines don’t correspond to the number of views of my post. Still, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the tool. The Three Most […]

I Analyzed Seven Factors that Affect My Medium Stats. This Is What I Found.

Medium provides us with three stats, number of views, reads, and fans for each post. The read ratio doesn’t seem to provide any extra information on top of these. You can do a lot with these three stats. You can learn a lot of lessons from them. I’ve spent analyzing these stats for the last […]

The Tools I Use to Capture and Organize Ideas, and to Outline, Write, and Edit Blog Posts

Since November 2017, I wrote and published a blog post per day. In case you wonder, I’m not a full time blogger. This is something I do in my spare time, next to my full time job. How was I able to publish a blog post per day? To be honest, this wasn’t easy. Sure, […]

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