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A Simple Mind Programming Exercise to Break Bad Habits

When we think about motivation, what comes up in our minds is positivity, energy, and feeling good. Think about a mascot and cheerleaders cheering up a whole stadium of sports fans. There’s also a dark side of the motivation, which involves all kinds of negative emotions such as fear, anger, and disgust to encourage high […]

Eliminating Bad Habits with the Dark Side of Motivation

Yesterday, I shared the psychology of addiction. In summary, our personality consists of various independent subpersonalities. They get activated at different times and take control of our psyche. When you’re going through the cycle of addiction, two programs get triggered in turn. First, temptation takes over us and causes us to engage in the addictive […]

The Psychology of Addiction

“Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain.” Eckhart Tolle Most of the time, we engage in an addictive behavior to escape an uncomfortable emotion. Sometimes, it’s boredom. Sometimes, it’s fear. Sometimes, it’s anger. And the list goes on. When the addictive activity is over, we feel even worse than when we start. A […]

Letting Go of Habitual Thoughts for More Mental Clarity

In my mental clarity experiment, my goal was to reduce my mental and physical habits to increase my mental clarity. By mental habits, I mean reducing my Internet usage. Letting go of habits such as checking Facebook, Instagram, news, and my MailChimp stats, listening to pop music and podcasts, and participating on Steemit. Reducing the […]

What Are the Benefits of Mental Clarity?

Two days ago, I started a 30 day mental clarity experiment. Before the mental clarity experiment, my strategy for high performance was to drink coffee and cultivate intense emotions such as anger. Such a strategy leads to stress, exhaustion, and eventually reduced performance. The alternative to that is mental clarity. What Is Mental Clarity? I […]

My 30 Days Reduced Internet Usage Experiment

I had two motivations to reduce my recreational Internet usage 30 days ago. First, it was a waste of time. Second, it was a distraction. Both were important motivations. Time waste is obvious, but distraction is important as well. You might check your phone only ten times a day for a minute. That would add […]

Abundance is Harming Us

We live in interesting times. We live in the age of abundance. Abundance of calories, Abundance of information, Abundance of pleasure, Abundance of comfort, Abundance of goods. And the list goes on. In our 4.5 billion years of evolution, our ancestors had to deal with problems of scarcity. Therefore, we are wired to deal with […]

How to Deal with the Withdrawal Symptoms of Device Addiction

Just like any addiction, quitting your device addiction can cause some withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness. These symptoms are expected go away after a week or two. There is always the risk of not making through those first few weeks and sliding back to old habits. In order to avoid that, we need to prepare […]

Three Steps to Quit Your Device Addiction

The legend has it that the average millennial checks their smartphone 150 times a day. If you subtract eight hours of sleep, that makes once every six and a half minutes. In my own experience, producing something valuable requires a prolonged, uninterrupted, relaxed focus on a task or sometimes on nothing at all. Checking a […]

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