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Why Your Personal Development Efforts Fail and What to Do about It

When we work on our personal development, we usually work on an intellectual level. We set goals. We learn new skills. We try to increase our productivity. And let’s face it. We’re drawn to personal development to get more out of the world, not to give more to the world. After a while, we realize […]

The Nuclear Weapon of Personal Development Practices

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned creating an identity as a method to improve your willpower. Building a failproof identity is not a frequently discussed topic in personal development circles. Identity is an abstract concept. It’s hard to explain, understand, and discuss. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful of personal development practices. Our environment has […]

My 30 Days Reduced Internet Usage Experiment

I had two motivations to reduce my recreational Internet usage 30 days ago. First, it was a waste of time. Second, it was a distraction. Both were important motivations. Time waste is obvious, but distraction is important as well. You might check your phone only ten times a day for a minute. That would add […]

How Long Does It Take To Let Go?

An Instant or a Lifetime? In a previous post titled How to Boost Your Mind Power, I said that our minds are cluttered with useless thoughts, our days with time-wasting habits, and our homes with unnecessary objects. All of that clutter is wasting our mental bandwidth and reducing our mind power. The more we let […]

My Secret Recipe for Success

No, none of us is omnipotent. Not even Illuminati. Somewhere, in a candlelit dark room, twelve old white men are bursting into laughter with their deep, evil, mechanical voices. Their artificial intelligence global mind control system identified my subtitle implying that Illuminati isn’t omnipotent. Yes, they are the masters of the Illuminati. They have absolute […]

How to Deal with the Withdrawal Symptoms of Device Addiction

Just like any addiction, quitting your device addiction can cause some withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness. These symptoms are expected go away after a week or two. There is always the risk of not making through those first few weeks and sliding back to old habits. In order to avoid that, we need to prepare […]

Three Steps to Quit Your Device Addiction

The legend has it that the average millennial checks their smartphone 150 times a day. If you subtract eight hours of sleep, that makes once every six and a half minutes. In my own experience, producing something valuable requires a prolonged, uninterrupted, relaxed focus on a task or sometimes on nothing at all. Checking a […]

One Habit That Can Turn Around Your Life

It’s not an easy one, but your life can turn around if you did this every day for six months. We are all humans and we all have challenges in our lives. Some of us have challenges in our jobs, businesses, or studies. Some of us have challenges in our private lives, with our family […]

The Secret to Happiness

It’s not what you think. Happiness is the ultimate reward of life, yet most of us misunderstood it. Let’s find out what really makes us happy. What would make you happy? If I asked you that question, you’d probably state a desire. Having a million dollar in the bank, Receiving a promotion, Having a life […]

The Principle that Explains All Human Behavior

Even the Most Irrational Ones You need to get this principle to understand human behavior. Not only other people’s behavior, but also your own behavior. Especially, your own behavior. Sometimes, you might have a difficult time understanding someone’s behavior. Sometimes, you might have a difficult time understanding your own behavior. Not anymore. All human behavior […]