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A Simple Mind Programming Exercise to Break Bad Habits

When we think about motivation, what comes up in our minds is positivity, energy, and feeling good. Think about a mascot and cheerleaders cheering up a whole stadium of sports fans. There’s also a dark side of the motivation, which involves all kinds of negative emotions such as fear, anger, and disgust to encourage high […]

Eliminating Bad Habits with the Dark Side of Motivation

Yesterday, I shared the psychology of addiction. In summary, our personality consists of various independent subpersonalities. They get activated at different times and take control of our psyche. When you’re going through the cycle of addiction, two programs get triggered in turn. First, temptation takes over us and causes us to engage in the addictive […]

The Psychology of Addiction

“Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain.” Eckhart Tolle Most of the time, we engage in an addictive behavior to escape an uncomfortable emotion. Sometimes, it’s boredom. Sometimes, it’s fear. Sometimes, it’s anger. And the list goes on. When the addictive activity is over, we feel even worse than when we start. A […]

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