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Self-Awareness and Developing a Congruent Personality

Blogging every day for eight months gave me some serious insights on myself. It was an effective self-awareness exercise. I mentioned multiple times before that we all have various subpersonalities in our psyche. I like to call these subpersonalities programs, because that’s easier to understand for a software developer like me. Same Person, Different Thoughts, […]

The Psychology of Addiction

“Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain.” Eckhart Tolle Most of the time, we engage in an addictive behavior to escape an uncomfortable emotion. Sometimes, it’s boredom. Sometimes, it’s fear. Sometimes, it’s anger. And the list goes on. When the addictive activity is over, we feel even worse than when we start. A […]

A Shortcut to Building an Identity for Success

Two months ago, I published a post called Why Your Personal Development Efforts Fail and What to Do about It. In summary, our personal development efforts fail, because they are mostly on an intellectual level. We set SMART goals. We prioritize our tasks. And we schedule our days. All of that is good advice and […]

What I Learned from an Airplane Flight That Took Six Hours Longer Than Planned

Last Saturday, I returned back from vacation. What started with a 40-minute delay ended up in a perfect storm, literally. My three-hour flight ended up as a nine-hour journey between three airports, which was a great lesson to practice what I preach in my blog posts. Lately, I’m writing more and more about personality traits. […]

Integrating Seemingly Opposite Personality Traits for High Performance and Success

Last Saturday, I published a post about “being” goals. These are the personality traits that you cultivate to achieve your “doing” and “having” goals. In the same post, I shared the big five personality traits, the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin, and a list of 600+ primary personality traits. Those lists should help you come […]

Determine and Cultivate the Personality Traits that Serve Your Goals

When we first start setting goals, we set “having” goals. I want to have a million dollars in the bank. I want to have a Ferrari. I want to have a five bedroom home. There’s nothing wrong with “having” goals, but after a while, we quickly realize that we need “doing” goals to achieve our […]

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