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What I Learned from an Airplane Flight That Took Six Hours Longer Than Planned

Last Saturday, I returned back from vacation. What started with a 40-minute delay ended up in a perfect storm, literally. My three-hour flight ended up as a nine-hour journey between three airports, which was a great lesson to practice what I preach in my blog posts. Lately, I’m writing more and more about personality traits. […]

Integrating Seemingly Opposite Personality Traits for High Performance and Success

Last Saturday, I published a post about “being” goals. These are the personality traits that you cultivate to achieve your “doing” and “having” goals. In the same post, I shared the big five personality traits, the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin, and a list of 600+ primary personality traits. Those lists should help you come […]

Determine and Cultivate the Personality Traits that Serve Your Goals

When we first start setting goals, we set “having” goals. I want to have a million dollars in the bank. I want to have a Ferrari. I want to have a five bedroom home. There’s nothing wrong with “having” goals, but after a while, we quickly realize that we need “doing” goals to achieve our […]

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