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The Paradox of Time Management

With all the automation and productivity tools available to us, you would expect that we have a lot of spare time nowadays. That’s obviously not the case for most of us. More and more people are struggling with time management today. How’s that possible? The technology that brought us the automation and productivity tools also […]

This Is Why You’re a Failure

Make an honest assessment of your life. Do you consider yourself a success or a failure? If you consider yourself a success, great. If you consider yourself a failure, keep on reading. You’ll find out why you’re a failure and how to eliminate those reasons from your life. Before we continue, take a moment to […]

Resource Allocation Is a Critical Skill for Your Personal Success

Economics is about allocation of scarce resources. But what does that have to do with personal development? Why do I write about it in a personal development blog? Isn’t economics about the finances of countries, big banks, and corporations? If you read the economy sections of newspapers, you might think so. But economics, or allocation […]

Simplicity Is the Precursor to Productivity

There’s a principle in computer programming called KISS. It stands for “keep it simple, stupid.” KISS is also a productivity principle. The more complicated a process is, the less productive it is. “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” Tony Robbins Creating and following complex processes give some people a false sense of hard work. Complex […]

The Overlooked Variable of Time Management

When we think about time management, the first thing that comes to mind is planning. Planning is a critical part of time management, but not the only component. The other component of time management is the willpower to follow up with your plans. You might analyze and prioritize your projects and plan them in your […]

Optimize the Execution of Your Plans with This Simple Exercise

We can divide time management into two parts. Time Management = Planning + Willpower We can handle the planning part in three steps. Analysis Prioritization Scheduling I explained each step of the planning part in the previous two posts of this series. The Simple Formula of Time Management What Gets Scheduled Gets Done Willpower Planning […]

What Gets Scheduled Gets Done

In yesterday’s post, I shared the simple formula of time management. Time Management = Planning + Willpower I split planning into three steps. Analysis Prioritization Scheduling I explained the analysis and prioritization steps in yesterday’s post. Today’s post will be about the third step, scheduling. What Is Scheduling? By scheduling, I mean the planning of […]

The Simple Formula of Time Management

Do you have time management challenges? Do you read a lot about time management, but don’t make much progress? If you answer yes to those questions, you’re not alone. I was exactly at the same point until I came up with my own system. Time Management Is a Complex Problem We treat time management as […]

Fixing Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg declared his intention to fix Facebook, explained how he’s going to do it, and Facebook shares lost 4% of their value in a single day. How is that relevant to personal development? A lot. Facebook’s business model is about catching your attention, keeping that attention, and then selling that attention to marketers. This […]

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