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The Fallacy of Minimum Marginal Costs

What is the marginal cost of reading another tweet? What is the marginal cost of scrolling your Facebook feed once more? What is the marginal cost of watching another YouTube video? What is the marginal cost of smoking another cigarette? What is the marginal cost of eating one more cookie? What is the marginal cost […]

The Best Solution to Procrastination

If you have a procrastination problem, I want you to ask yourself a self-awareness question. “What do you do when you are procrastinating?” Take a moment and answer this question before reading further. Most of the time, when we are procrastinating, we are distracting ourselves with another activity. Maybe we have to wash the dishes, […]

How to Eliminate Distraction

System 2, or David as I like to call it, requires deep concentration. Deep concentration requires minimization of stimulation. Think about doing a complex arithmetic calculation, 76 times 28 for example. Can you do this calculation in your mind when you are distracted by loud music and flashing lights? That would be difficult. You could […]

How to Beat the Technology

The working day of the average office staff consists of one big chat and social media session with brief interruptions of actual work. If that sounds like you, let me tell you one thing: “you’re doomed.” You’re also bringing down your colleagues, family, and community with yourself. In my previous post, I explained how technology […]

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