How Would You Live Your Life, If You Had Multiple Lives?

It’s human nature to have multiple, contradicting desires. Desires are one of the many habitual thoughts that cloud our minds.

They rise up. They keep our minds busy. We spend our time and attention on them. Then we let them go, because we think they are unrealistic, at least for now.

Reflecting on our desires can have several benefits. If we go deep into our desires, we might find out that some of them aren’t that unrealistic. We might actually go ahead and give them a try.

Another possibility is to see all the consequences of a desire. Those consequences might not be that attractive and we might decide to let it go.

Reflect on Your Desires

In today’s post, I want to share with you an exercise to reflect on your desires. This exercise has the two benefits mentioned above.

Moreover, it’s a creativity exercise that sets your imagination free by setting your limiting beliefs aside for the duration of the exercise.

And who knows, maybe, by doing this exercise, you might come up with ideas to make progress towards realizing those desires.

Questions to Set Your Imagination Free

One of the reasons that keeps us from realizing our desires is that they contradict each other. This keeps us from pursuing any of them.

What if you were given as many lives as you wish to pursue each of your desires?

What if there were infinite numbers of parallel universes and you could live your life as you wished in each universe?

What if you could hard-fork your life into as many lives as you wished like a blockchain and you could live each life as you wished?

The Exercise

Take a desire that keeps your mind busy, but you think it is unrealistic. Then imagine a parallel life in a parallel universe where you pursue that desire.

  • What would you do to realize that desire?
  • How would you approach it?
  • What would the consequences be?
  • What would the best and worst case outcomes be?
  • What would other possible outcomes be?
  • How would you feel about each outcome?

These are not simple questions. It would take you at least an hour to reflect on all of them.

The Benefits

If you do this exercise without giving in to your limiting beliefs, you would have a good idea of what it would take to realize that desire, what the possible outcomes would be, and how you would feel about those outcomes.

Now, repeat this exercise for all of your desires. If you have conflicting desires, this exercise might help you eliminate the conflicting options and stick with only one of them.

Maybe, you will figure out that those desires aren’t conflicting at all. You might see that there are ways to realize them at the same time.

Maybe, you will find out that some of those desires aren’t unrealistic at all. It was just a limiting belief that they were.

A Bonus Exercise

Here’s the bonus. After doing this exercise for multiple desires, try to merge those separate lives into a single life. Try to come up with a coherent life story that includes as many of those desires as possible.

Now, you have a dream life that you can strive toward. You can start letting go of the desires that don’t fit into that dream life.

That is one of the main goals of this exercise. At this moment, you have desires that don’t fit into your dream life. They are just wasting your time and attention. It’s time to let them go.


We all have unrealistic and contradicting desires. Those desires waste our time and attention. Instead of ignoring them, we can work on them consciously. After that conscious examination, we can make the conscious choice to let them go or to pursue them.