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A Six-Step Self-Coaching Template to Solve Your Persistent Problems

There’s no human life without any challenges. If you don’t have any challenges now, you’ve probably retreated to your comfort zone. I’ve got bad news for you. The challenges that you’re avoiding now will eventually find you. You might be on the other end of the spectrum, and your life might be full of challenges. […]

An Analytical Way to Making Decisions and Solving Problems

“We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” That’s a quote attributed to Einstein and the idea behind today’s post. Today, I’ll discuss how to get to the higher level of thinking with which we can solve our problems. Let me explain the low-level and high-level […]

The Ideal Solution to Any Problem

When I’m confronted with a problem, I immediately come up with a solution. That makes me feel good. I feel like I’m smart. In order to amplify that good feeling, I implement that solution as soon as possible. That feels even better. “I’m not only smart, but I’m also a doer.” Nothing feels as good […]

This Is the Only Way to Solve Problems

Most of us do it wrong. The problem I’m about to explain happens everywhere in our lives, in our private lives, in our professional lives, in our relationships, in every aspect of our lives. So, please stick with me even if the software development example doesn’t resonate with you. A computer programmer comes against a […]

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