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The Economics of Personal Development

Yesterday, I argued that premium-priced information marketing products didn’t provide any value over what’s freely available or what’s available for the price of a standard book or audiobook. The only reasons to pay a premium price are to give back to the producer if they already provided an immense amount of value for free or […]

What Coaching Is and Isn’t

Before we start today’s post, answer the following question. What does coaching mean to you? In the past, I answered that question as telling someone what to do. That’s what I learned from the popular culture. Sports coaches tell you what to do and how to do it. Sure, a life or business coach would […]

A Self-Coaching Template to Work on Your Challenges

We all have challenges in our lives. Some of our problems are small. Some of them are big. In either case, there are some actions that we can take to tackle them. Today, I’m going to share a self-coaching template that you can use to find solutions to your challenges. Completing this template should take […]

This Is the Only Way to Solve Problems

Most of us do it wrong. The problem I’m about to explain happens everywhere in our lives, in our private lives, in our professional lives, in our relationships, in every aspect of our lives. So, please stick with me even if the software development example doesn’t resonate with you. A computer programmer comes against a […]

How to Deal with an Employee with a Tech Abuse Problem

In a previous post, I have discussed the effects of the fight or flight response and instant rewards that our gadgets trigger in us. The results are shortening of our attention spans, reduced concentration, and with that, reduction of our cognitive capabilities. In another post, I have introduced a Pomodoro technique variant that would make […]

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