Is Complete Peace of Mind Possible?

Quick Answer: I don’t think it is possible, but it’s a worthy goal to strive for.

What gives us peace of mind?

Knowing that we have done our best.

I don’t think we can achieve peace of mind just by relaxing the whole day, meditating, and thinking about nothing.

Life throws challenges our way. It’s almost unavoidable. They need to be addressed. We have our needs and desires. They have to be addressed as well.

Avoiding those challenges, needs, and desires don’t result in peace of mind. Facing them and dealing with them are stressful. It’s strange, but we achieve peace of mind by doing what’s stressful.

Peace of mind comes from doing what’s outside of our comfort zone. Peace of mind comes from dealing with our challenges, doing our best to meet our needs and to fulfill our desires.

Taking our time to relax, to think about nothing, and to meditate has its place in life. They are helpful to charge our batteries.

Having a good night’s sleep and regular breaks contribute to our wellbeing, which in turn contributes to high performance, which in turn contributes to our peace of mind.

Peace of mind can’t be achieved directly. It comes as a byproduct of addressing our challenges and doing our best to meet our needs and desires. Once we have done our best, it’s time to accept the results.

Do your best to address your challenges, needs, and desires, and accept the results, that’s where peace of mind comes from.