How to Switch on Your Genius Mode

Your deep mind is where your genius resides. You need to eliminate all kinds of distractions in order to access your deep mind. Besides that, you can take further steps to improve your access to your deep mind.

Work Environment

Accessing your deep mind requires relaxation and slowing down your mind. A silent and tidy environment contributes to that. If complete silence doesn’t work for you, you can listen to relaxing music without lyrics. I prefer to listen to relaxing music without lyrics on noise-canceling headphones to overcome workplace noise.

Healthy Habits Contribute to Productivity

You might think eating fast food, skipping physical exercise, cutting down on your sleeping hours, not resting, and working all the time would increase your productivity. However, that would only result getting busy work done and eventually in burn-out.

“Producing life-changing value requires access to your deep mind.”

A healthy, light diet, physical activity, sufficient sleep and rest will help you accessing your deep mind. Walking in nature or at the sea side also helps. Physical activity, especially working out, is a great way to burn the extra energy that makes you restless throughout the day. It also contributes to a good night sleep, which in turn contributes to your ability to access your deep mind.

Take a Break

Constant busy work will prevent you from accessing your deep mind. You need to give yourself the time and space to relax and to access your deep mind. What would you prefer more? Working on a task for ten hours or coming up with a system that allows you to complete that task in one hour? Coming up with that system requires you to tap into your genius. It requires you to give yourself the time and space you need. This is how innovation happens. Working long hours on busy work is not the best strategy.

Reflect on Your Challenges

Slow down your mind, meditate, and give your deep mind a direction to reflect on. Stop thinking and stay in silence. Ask a question to your deep mind and let it come up with the answers. When an answer comes up, you can think about it actively. If you get stuck, repeat the method again. Formulate your challenge as a question and ask that question to your deep mind. Let your deep mind do its magic and come up with the answer.

“Oscillating between active thinking and passive reflection is the best strategy to come up with brilliant ideas, solutions, and insights.”

Embrace Silence and Space

If you’re accustomed to a lot of distraction and activity, the methods explained in this post might sound boring. If you experience boredom, try reducing the distraction in your life gradually. Practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation to embrace silence and space.

If you find yourself drawn back to old habits of distraction, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the added value of this activity to my life?
  • What will I be missing in the future if I keep blocking my access to my deep mind?
  • How will the quality of my life be affected as a result of this?


Your best ideas, solutions, and insights come from your deep mind. You can improve your access to your deep mind with the following methods.

  • Relax and slow down your mind.
  • Maintain a silent and tidy working environment.
  • Cultivate healthy habits.
  • Give yourself space and time.
  • Tackle your challenges using a combination of active thinking and passive reflecting.