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How to Eliminate the Stress While Working Towards Your Goals

There’s no failure in a scientific experiment. You either achieve your goals or you find out what doesn’t work and gain experience. Lately, “intelligent people feeling miserable” became a popular blog topic. It’s a bait topic to make miserable people feel better about themselves. “I feel miserable, so I must be intelligent.” And let’s face […]

Optimize Each Area of Your Life with Multi-Objective Optimization

In the last two posts, I have discussed how we can apply the concept of algorithms and the divide and conquer method in our lives. Both concepts help us maximizing our effectiveness, by focusing on a single problem and action step at a time. This increases clarity and decreases error-proneness and waste of time. What […]

How to Tackle Overwhelming Challenges Effectively

This principle is so simple that it sounds obvious. However, most of us overlook it in practice and become overwhelmed in the face of challenges. The algorithm concept from computer science involves breaking down large tasks into action steps. Using algorithms improves your effectiveness by increasing clarity and decreasing error-proneness and waste of time. The […]

How to Maximize Your Effectiveness

Using some simple computer science concepts can boost your effectiveness in life. They are very simple to use. You can use them with a pen and paper if you want to. The notion of algorithm is a fundamental concept of computer science. Algorithms are also extremely useful in our daily lives, private as well as […]

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