Cherry on Top

Cherry on top is a concept discussed in the book Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff. Cherry on top refers to the benefits you receive even if a project fails.

If you can’t decide whether to start a project or not, make a list of all the benefits even if the project details. Here are some examples:

  • Know how
  • Experience
  • Extended network
  • One less item to consider when starting a new project
  • The potential to come across to a more promising project while working on this project

My Cherry on Top

I have been publishing a blog post per day for the last 50 days. My success metric for this blog is the number of email newsletter subscribers. At the beginning of the 50 days, that was the only benefit I could see. After 50 days, I see more benefits.

Mental Clarity

I come across a lot of interesting ideas. I also come up with some interesting ideas. These are the lessons I have learned from books, audiobooks, and other resources as well as from my own experience. Some of these ideas seem to be contradicting with each other.

The best way to find out which ideas are more rational and realistic is to write them down and to reflect on them. That way I can weed out the contradicting ones and stick to the ones that match the reality the most.

Learning My Life Lessons

It’s really easy to install software to a computer. It’s not the same with our minds. It takes a lot of repetitions to learn a lesson. If I don’t write down an interesting idea, it will be gone for sure.

The best way to learn the life lessons on an unconscious competence level is to write them down and read them over and over until I can act on them on an unconscious competence level.


I don’t need to publish a blog post a day to achieve mental clarity and to learn my life lessons. I could do that by journaling them. However, publishing a blog post per day gives me accountability. I did it through very busy days, including traveling overseas, as well as in holidays, when I felt like doing nothing productive at all. Would I journal on those busy or lazy days? Probably, not. That is another life lesson there.

Public accountability increases self-discipline.

Coming Up with New Ideas

As I’m writing down and reflecting on existing ideas, I come up with new ideas. Ideas breed ideas. Projects breed projects and the cycle continues. Better opportunities show up only when you use the opportunity that is in front of you. And as trivial as it may seem, publishing your ideas on a blog is an opportunity you must use.

Better opportunities show up only when you use the opportunity that is in front of you.


I don’t claim to be the smartest, most rational man on earth. By putting my ideas out there, I welcome comments. That might not always be positive. If someone comes up with a rational counterargument that is more realistic than mine, I’m happy to accept it. That’s how I make progress. So, your feedback and comments on my posts are always welcome.


Publishing a blog post per day has several benefits for me, such as mental clarity, learning my lessons, and receiving feedback. I invite you to start your public blog as well to reap those benefits. Moreover, whenever you doubt whether to start a new project or not, think about the benefits you will receive even if the project fails.