The Most Effective Personal Development Practice

As you read the personal development literature, you might come across various practices and exercises. You might ask yourself “which practice is the most effective one? Which practice should I adopt?”

Dive into the personal development literature and you’ll find many more practices and exercises. Each of them can make a positive impact on your life. However, if you want to maximize your results, you need to adopt them all. This is when synergy kicks in and every practice amplifies the effect of the other. The results you achieve will be much greater than the sum of the results of each practice applied in isolation. Seemingly simple practices in combination bring success.

Your major definite purpose keeps you mindful about how you spend your time. When you improve your mindfulness, you follow your action list without any exceptions. Your action list makes it easier to evaluate yourself periodically. Through periodic self-evaluation, you increase your mindfulness.

Consider personal development as a business. A good product or service makes the job of marketing easier. When the marketing is successful, the business has more resources to invest in R&D. That in turn results in better products and services. The synergy of improving multiple areas at the same time creates better results compared to focusing on separate areas in isolation.

The beauty of personal development is that each practice or exercise is simple and practical. None of them involves rocket science. Each of them is doable.

  • Can’t you set aside 20 minutes per day to meditate?
  • Can’t you set aside 15 minutes to come up with a new prioritized action list for the next day?
  • Can’t you evaluate how your day and week has been at the end of each day and week?
  • Can’t you figure out what matters to you the most and set it as your major definite purpose?

Of course you can. These habits are super simple once you get used to them. Adopt them today and you’ll experience quantum leaps in the quality of your life.