Audible Audiobooks Review

Listening to audiobooks is one of my favorite personal development activities. I listen to them while eating my breakfast, working out, doing manual tasks, during long commutes, or while I am just relaxing at home. They put me into a positive state of mind when I feel down. They motivate me in the mornings and during exercising. I learn new ideas and concepts during those times which would be wasted otherwise. My favorite audiobook source is Audible.

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Affordable. Audible’s business model is based on a monthly membership model. You purchase one credit per month, which you use to buy a book. Once you buy a book, it’s yours forever, even if you cancel your membership. You can purchase most of the books in Audible for one credit. One credit costs $14.95. If you buy the credits in bulk, you receive reductions. I prefer to buy them in bulk. That way, I don’t need to wait for the next month to buy my next book.

One of my favorite audiobooks is The Million Dollar Mindset by James Arthur Ray. This audiobook costs $55.97, but I purchased it for one credit, which costs $14.95. Some books cost less than $14.95. I purchase those books with cash instead of a credit. In those cases, I receive 30% reduction as an Audible member.

Huge Selection. They have more than 150,000 books in their store. You can find some extra-ordinary personal development and business titles in their collection. You can check my recommended Audible titles. I update this list regularly as soon as I listen to a great audiobook. You can also use the customer feedback to find your next favorite audiobook. Although, not as big as Amazon, Audible also has a sizable listener community.

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Apps and Organization. This is my favorite feature of Audible. Instead of downloading, organizing, and managing separate mp3’s, Audible hosts all of your titles in their servers. You can use their apps to download and listen to any title in your library. They have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle. You can set bookmarks in the books and take notes on each bookmark. The system synchronizes your location across all of your devices. Even if all of your devices were lost or stolen, even if all of your hard disks were formatted, you wouldn’t lose a single title. They are all stored online for you and you can download them to any device you want. You can burn them to a CD and listen to them on a CD player if you wish.


Audiobooks are a great way to learn new ideas and to motivate yourself while you’re relaxing or busy with manual tasks. You can find a lot of outstanding personal development and business titles on Audible for very affordable prices. If you don’t know where to start, you can refer to my recommended Audible titles. Their system and apps make managing your library and listening to your audiobooks a breeze.

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible