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Beyond Awake

For the sake of simplicity, let’s define two degrees of awareness, asleep and awake. When you’re asleep, you aren’t aware of much. When you’re awake, you’re aware of your environment and yourself. What if there was a degree higher than the state of being awake? That degree is called meta-consciousness or metacognition. When you reach […]

Turn a Loss into a Life-Time Win

The basic premise of economics is that we have unlimited desires but limited resources. That means we will experience the pain of failure, disappointment, or rejection sooner or later if we haven’t already done so. How do you deal with the pain of failure, disappointment, or rejection when you experience it? Do you deny it […]

From Despair, Lethargy, and Mental Fog to Bliss, High Energy, and Mental Clarity

When I observe myself, I recognize two states. The first state involves productivity, happiness, bliss, joy, peace of mind, and mental clarity. The second state involves negative thoughts and emotions, feeling down and depressed, lack of energy, lethargy, and mental fog. As you see, both of those states involve physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. In […]

Game Theory, Relationships, Entrepreneurship

Let’s divide games into two categories for the sake of this discussion, games with perfect information and games with imperfect information. Chess is an example of games with perfect information. You can see all the squares and pieces, all the time. Texas Hold’em Poker is an example of games with imperfect information. Each hand involves […]

Self-Coaching on Multiple Levels

Once in a while, you might come across a challenge that has solutions on different levels. Moreover, this challenge might point to a bigger problem on a deeper level. Today, I’m going to work on a challenge that I had recently to give you an idea of how to process issues on multiple levels. Last […]

Pain, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Mental Toughness, Success

We, humans, are hardwired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This simple principle was a wise rule of thumb before the civilization. Our environment provided us with sufficient challenges to deal with. This is not the case anymore. Civilization brought us abundance and removed pain from our daily lives. This is good news on the […]

Eliminating Self-Sabotage from Your Life

Yesterday, I shared the dynamics of self-sabotage. Self-sabotage occurs when our deep-seated beliefs are challenged by the reality. Unconsciously, we’d rather experience loss, failure, and pain than to see our beliefs invalidated. If you think that you don’t deserve a promotion, you’ll set yourself up for failure when you receive one. Self-sabotage is an unconscious […]

The Dynamics of Self-Sabotage

We’d rather experience failure, loss, and pain than seeing our beliefs invalidated. As a result, our lives are a manifestation of our beliefs. That’s good news and bad news at the same time. Let’s start with the bad news. Most of our beliefs are unconscious. So, we aren’t aware of the beliefs that shape our […]

Tap into Your Genius by Optimizing Your Mental and Emotional States

If there was a mental and emotional state that improved your creativity, your ability to think rationally, analytically, and critically, and as a result improved your cognitive performance, would you be interested in getting to know it and doing your best to get into it? In my experience, there’s such a state. It is equanimity […]

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