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Don’t Sacrifice What Can’t Be Measured

Six weeks ago, I published a post about measuring the success of my blog and email newsletter with growth metrics. Since then, I’m obsessed with numbers and dived deep into my stats. I published several posts about the lessons I learned from my stats. Here are some highlights. My posts that are published in the […]

Improving the Design of My Blog to Increase Email Newsletter Subscriptions

The email newsletter subscriptions in my blog don’t meet my goals consistently. So far, I focused on improving my writing to optimize these results. The next step will be to improve the design of my blog. How I Measure the Performance of My Blog I’m tracking two stats to measure the performance of my blog. […]

Data Is the Gold If You Know How to Use It

There are two famous aphorisms about online marketing. “Content is king.” and “Money is in the (email) list.” Both expressions have a point. They summarize the decade long experience of online marketers. Content and email lists are critical components of online marketing. There is a third component that doesn’t have its own aphorism yet. That […]

Measuring the Contribution of My Medium Posts to My Content Marketing Goals

What are my content marketing goals? How do Medium stats serve my content marketing goals? What would be the ideal Medium stats? How can I track extra Medium stats? How could I use the extra Medium stats to optimize my content marketing goals? Medium Stats vs Overall Content Marketing Goals In the last two weeks, […]

Five Requirements for a Marketing Automation Tool

Yesterday, I published a post about CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. CoSchedule is a paid online marketing management platform. They offer the headline analyzer as a free tool to promote their main business. The Need for a Marketing Management System Even though I have a single author blog, I could make use of a marketing management system. […]

How Accurate is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer?

CoSchedule’s headline analyzer is a popular tool among bloggers. I tested it with 82 blog posts of mine that were published in the Startup Publication. The scores of the headlines don’t correspond to the number of views of my post. Still, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the tool. The Three Most […]

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