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A Simple Practice to Get Unstuck

We create our reality with the choices we make and the actions we take. Our choices and actions are determined by our thoughts and feelings. Most of our thoughts and feelings are repetitive. Our emotions are saved in our unconscious mind, which plays them over and over, day after day. Our emotions trigger the same […]

The First Step to Productivity

Productivity is a popular but often misunderstood topic in business and personal development. Here’s a question for you before we start. What does productivity mean to you? How do you define it? Take a moment to reflect on this question and come up with an answer before you move on. The Definition of Productivity To […]

Creating a Reward System to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

Success in life comes after long stretches of plateaus and dips. If you want to achieve anything significant, you need to put a lot of effort into it without seeing any results for a long time. That doesn’t come naturally to us. Our default programming expects immediate results. When we don’t get any results for […]

Eliminate Bad Habits with a Simple Question

In the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, toddlers were given a marshmallow. If they waited for fifteen minutes without eating the marshmallow, they would receive a second one. Some of them couldn’t make it to the end of the fifteen minutes without eating the treat. Some of them could. The success of the children in different […]

Do You Want Happiness or Do You Want Success?

Can you be successful and happy at the same time? The answer depends on what you understand from the word success. My definition of success is expecting high performance from myself and others, and getting extraordinary results in life. If you sign up to that definition, you’ll likely not be happy and successful at the […]

One Action That Makes the Greatest Difference

12 years ago, my then-girlfriend was about to apply for a job. She asked my feedback for her CV. Back then, I was a graduate student. We used to write academic papers to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In that context, giving feedback meant to correct almost every line of the text. In return, […]

Get the Most out of Your Personal Development Practice

As you read the personal development literature, you might come across various practices and exercises. You might ask yourself “which practice is the most effective one? Which practice should I adopt?” Mindfulness? Setting a major definite purpose? A prioritized action list every day? Periodic self-evaluation? Dive into the personal development literature, and you’ll find many […]

The Courage to Let Go of Your Conditioning

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions. Did you choose your job and income? Did you decide on your relationships? Did you pick where you live? Is your current lifestyle your conscious choice? Did you determine your level of happiness? Did you specify your impact on the world? Or did you just accept […]

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