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When It Comes to Personal Development, There’s No Magic Pill

Let’s face it, personal development is a niche in the lucrative information marketing sector. There’s great value in this niche, but there are also a lot of unjustified prices charged with false claims. Let’s break down the products in this niche and analyze them from the customer’s perspective. You’ll find a lot of value for […]

Three Steps to Transform Your Life with Personal Development

There are 300+ posts in my blog. Reading one of those posts and applying it in your life is much more beneficial than reading all of them just to forget them the next month. The writer in me would prefer you reading all of my posts, but at the end of the day, those posts […]

You’re An Idiot. And That’s Great!

If you’re like the average person, you’ll be insulted by the title of this post. If you aren’t, that’s great because that means you’re open-minded and ready for improvement and growth. Think about all the information available to us. How much of it do you know? If you’re realistic, your knowledge is negligible next to […]

How to Learn Something for Life and Make It a Part of Your Functional Knowledge

Do you remember the last time you had an aha moment when you read a blog post? You probably do. We all have those moments, when we come across exceptional, insightful content. Sometimes, it’s a blog post. Sometimes, it’s a book. Sometimes, it’s a video. However, do you remember what it was that gave you […]

What We Can Learn from a Program that Reprograms Itself

Imagine a self-sufficient robot. This robot is initially constructed and programmed by its producer. Every morning, it goes out, works in a job, and makes money. Every evening it comes to its storage unit and plugs itself to the charging station. The hardware of this robot is fairly sturdy. Once in a while, it goes […]

College Education, Irrelevant in the 21st Century?

Why should you not listen to your favorite social media guru when it comes to college education? There are a lot of posts about skipping the college circulating in social media. I don’t see many counterarguments. In order to give a balanced view to the people who are about to make this decision, I wrote […]

Quit College, Not So Fast

College education is frown upon nowadays by the so called social media influencers who have to say something other than your mom and dad in order to attract attention and advertisement dollars. Having a PhD in informatics and a decade long experience in industrial software development, I can testify that theoretical computer science and the […]

Four Levels of Learning

Knowing the four levels of learning helps us adopting the growth mindset, keeping an open mind for new information, and developing new skills. There are four levels of learning: Unconscious Incompetence Conscious Incompetence Conscious Competence Unconscious Competence Unconscious Incompetence Have you heard about the Njerep language? Me neither. Your level on Njerep was unconscious incompetence. […]

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