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Most First Time Business Founders Ignore These Key Entrepreneurial Skills

Most of the first time business founders start a business, because they fall in love with an idea. They think that their idea will create a huge impact in the world. Some of them start a business based on their passion. They start a gym, because they like to work out. They start a restaurant, […]

How to Make Your Side Project Succeed

I have been working on several side projects on and off since my graduate studies ten years ago. I have mostly worked on blogs, but I also developed language training websites, stock market technical analysis software, and online time management and life planning courses. In this post, I’m going to share some of the lessons […]

How to Motivate Yourself to the Level of Obsession

No, this isn’t another “find your why” post. Simon Sinek made the question “why?” popular like it was never before. People working as employees in corporations needed that type of question to get motivated. Employees were only provided with “how.” Their managers figured out the process for them and all they had to do was […]

This Simple Practice Will Multiply Your Knowledge and Creative Ideas

When I first read the personal development classic Think and Grow Rich more than a decade ago, I was impressed by most of the ideas in the book except two. With my hardcore, scientific education background, no one could convince me of the metaphysical concepts explained in Think and Grow Rich. The second idea I […]

Value Is in the Intersections of Niches, Sectors, and Markets

When you first start a business or a website, the first obstacle you come across is competition. Choose any niche, sector, or market and you will see that it is already crowded with other businesses or websites. How are you going to deal with that? One option you have is to focus on a subset […]

To Vlog or To Blog? That’s the Question for the First Time Online Marketer!

In the last two weeks, I have written several posts about blogging. Blogging is a great first business to start. It’s a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t in a business. Blogging teaches you a lot of lessons about human nature. You can use those lessons later in business and life. It […]

The Most Common Pitfall When Starting Up a Business

I remember the first time I got involved in an international deal. In our company, we talked for a few months about how to deal with the details of the project. We had a lot of concerns and we thought really hard to find solutions to those concerns. Finally, the day of our presentation came. […]

Quick Cash or Long Term Value?

When you first start a business, it’s tempting to focus on quick cash activities. A typical example of that is the newbie blogger who fills their blog with all kinds of ads and affiliate links. Instead of focusing on creating content to build traffic, they are glued on their screen checking their income stats, which […]

Read This before You Start a Website or Blog

Here’s what happens most of the time when you start a website for the first time. Register a domain name. Pick a hosting company that is advertised the most. Pick their cheapest option. Use their standard WordPress installation. Spend a lot of time browsing through different themes. Choose and install one of them. Add and […]

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