Predictably Irrational

We humans are irrational, that includes me and you. If we want to succeed in life and business, our irrationality is a topic we need to study meticulously. This coin has two sides. The first side is the irrationality of ourselves. The second side is the irrationality of others. Study Your Own Irrationality We need […]

I’m Irrational

So are you. So are we all humans. Next time you think someone is acting irrational, remind yourself that we are all irrational by default. It takes effort to overcome our biases and logical fallacies to become rational. Sometimes, being irrational gives us an advantage. Sometimes, it results in us shooting ourselves in the foot. […]

7 Irrational Investment Beliefs and Their Alternatives

Most of the beginner investors have intuitive assumptions that don’t match the reality of the markets. These intuitive assumptions are part of human nature. We need to let go of these assumptions to improve our results as investors. 1. A good investor must know which asset is going to appreciate or depreciate the most. It’s […]

The Economics of Personal Development

Yesterday, I argued that premium-priced information marketing products didn’t provide any value over what’s freely available or what’s available for the price of a standard book or audiobook. The only reasons to pay a premium price are to give back to the producer if they already provided an immense amount of value for free or […]

Game Theory, Relationships, Entrepreneurship

Let’s divide games into two categories for the sake of this discussion, games with perfect information and games with imperfect information. Chess is an example of games with perfect information. You can see all the squares and pieces, all the time. Texas Hold’em Poker is an example of games with imperfect information. Each hand involves […]

Self-Coaching on Multiple Levels

Once in a while, you might come across a challenge that has solutions on different levels. Moreover, this challenge might point to a bigger problem on a deeper level. Today, I’m going to work on a challenge that I had recently to give you an idea of how to process issues on multiple levels. Last […]

Breaking Free from Childhood Hurts

It doesn’t matter that we are adults now. We still perceive the world through the lenses that we have developed in our childhood. We behave according to the belief systems that we have formed in our childhood. Our unprocessed psychological scars from our childhood affect the way we perceive the world and the way we […]

The Dynamics of Self-Sabotage

We’d rather experience failure, loss, and pain than seeing our beliefs invalidated. As a result, our lives are a manifestation of our beliefs. That’s good news and bad news at the same time. Let’s start with the bad news. Most of our beliefs are unconscious. So, we aren’t aware of the beliefs that shape our […]

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