Three Alternative Revenue Sources for Medium

In yesterday’s post, I explained why Medium’s subscription business isn’t sustainable. In essence, it satisfies neither readers nor writers. I’m a big fan of Medium, and I want it to succeed. That’s why I’m going to share alternative income sources for Medium in this post. Current Model Is Good for Users But Unsustainable I’m not […]

Medium Is Great for Bloggers, Readers, and Humanity, but There Is Some Room for Improvement

Medium is great for humanity, because it acts like a Trojan horse in our smartphones. Smartphones are destroying our attention span. Short clips, streams of blurbs and pictures are replacing books. In this environment, Medium is providing an alternative to all of that digital candy. Medium posts aren’t a replacement for a book. Most of […]

Measuring the Contribution of My Medium Posts to My Content Marketing Goals

What are my content marketing goals? How do Medium stats serve my content marketing goals? What would be the ideal Medium stats? How can I track extra Medium stats? How could I use the extra Medium stats to optimize my content marketing goals? Medium Stats vs Overall Content Marketing Goals In the last two weeks, […]

I Analyzed Seven Factors that Affect My Medium Stats. This Is What I Found.

Medium provides us with three stats, number of views, reads, and fans for each post. The read ratio doesn’t seem to provide any extra information on top of these. You can do a lot with these three stats. You can learn a lot of lessons from them. I’ve spent analyzing these stats for the last […]

Is Commenting on Medium a Reliable Strategy to Grow the Audience of Your Blog?

I thought this discussion was over, but I still receive comments in favor of this. Some people think that commenting other people’s posts is better than getting published in a major Medium publication. I tried both approaches. In my experience, the results are not even close. That’s why getting published in a major Medium publication […]

How to Use Reverse Engineering and the Scientific Method to Realize’s Business Goals

Reverse engineering and the scientific method are two useful methods to achieve private and professional goals, especially when used in combination with each other. In this post, I’m going to apply this idea to the business goal of The first step is to define the objective. I’m going to define the objective of […]

8 Blogging Lessons I Learned from My Medium Stats

Medium is a great website for aspiring writers. It’s a great way to practice your craft, reach out to people, and build your audience. You receive a lot of feedback, in the form of comments and stats, which you can use to improve your writing. I have my own WordPress blog hosted at, but […]